This material is not intended to provide medical, health, nutrition, psychological or any other professional advice or treatment. The content within this e-book and at is designed solely to provide general happiness, personal development, and quality-of-life information which for some people can support, but not replace, professional consultation or advice. If you need professional advice in any of these areas, please seek qualified assistance and consultation.


The content in this material and at is of a general nature. Everyone is different, however, and every person has specific and individual needs, genetic makeup, and body composition and, therefore, no one exercise or nutrition program, or happiness program is right (or even healthy) for everyone. You must know your own personal genetic, physiologic, and psychological situation before subscribing to any particular program.


As stated on my website,, my personal life mission is simple: “To be a positive, creative force for health and happiness”. All the information at, therefore, is intended only to motivate people to ask questions about happiness, health and disease and to seek out the correct information – which may be different for everyone. It, therefore, is not a comprehensive study of happiness, health, nutrition, disease, longevity or mental fitness. It is very basic information for the majority of people who simply don’t know the truth or latest research and just accept what we have all been led to believe about happiness, health and disease (some of which may not be true) and to help support the possibility of a reversal in the terrible trends we are seeing today with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, allergies, auto-immune diseases, autism, and other chronic illnesses.

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